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TFO Family Office is a private client house based in the German Hessische Bergstrasse region which professionally manages the assets of its owner family. We are a Single Family Office, which means that we only manage the capital of our owner family. Over the years we have done this using a wide range of entrepreneurial activities.

Our owner family is a first-generation entrepreneurial family. At TFO Family Office our top priority is to preserve and ensure the effective use of the family’s assets across the generations.

As the family are themselves entrepreneurs, they follow our management of their money from an entrepreneurial perspective. Our investment policy focuses on material assets and, in particular, private investments.

TFO Family Office


TFO Family Office invests mainly in companies headquartered in the German-speaking area. We do not focus solely on a particular sector. Nevertheless, the products and services and the business model should be easy for those outside the sector concerned to understand. We look for companies that are autonomous and able to demonstrate growth potential. Structures can be as diverse as group spin-offs, succession arrangements or growth financing – and we will even consider restructuring situations.

We usually aim for a majority stake. Minority stakes in privately-owned companies are only taken in special or exceptional cases. However, minority shareholdings in listed companies are completely standard.

A key investment criterion is the existence of a highly motivated, highly qualified management team. At TFO Family Office we firmly believe that people are the most important factor in every company’s success. So TFO Family Office also supports MBO and MBI setups run by qualified managers or management teams. With our extensive corporate experience, TFO Family Office is also able to take on temporary management roles itself in certain situations.

Unlike conventional financial investors, who only manage temporary funds, TFO Family Office uses what is known as an evergreen structure, i.e. with no set timeframe. This enables our participating interests to develop and exploit their growth potential independently of any time pressures.

  • We’re fast. With our short decision-making channels, we can act promptly.
  • We’re active. Because our team are born entrepreneurs.
  • We’re capable. Our solid financial resources make us a strong partner.
  • We focus on the long term. Because that’s the only way to build value for the future.
TFO Family Office


The following extract of past and current selected investments from the portfolio of the TFO Family Office illustrates the broad investment approach.

91% share in TIB Chemicals AG

TIB Chemicals AG

50% share in KIFFE Golf Manufaktur GmbH

Kiffe Golf GmbH

25,1% share in Channel Pilot Solutions GmbH

Channel Pilot Solutions GmbH

< 10% share in DEMECAN Holding GmbH

DEMECAN Holding GmbH

< 10% share in CheckYeti GmbH

CheckYeti GmbH

< 10% share in DouxMatok



TFO Family Office actively supports its participating interests through its membership of their supervisory and advisory boards. So TFO Family Office acts as a sparring partner and a source of ideas for strategic issues, and we place our long-standing network of reliable contacts at the companies’ disposal to help them grow.

With such wide-ranging experience TFO Family Office is also able to offer support and advice in all financial matters – from M&A processes to outside financing to IPOs.


What can we do for you? If you would like to find out more about us or if you have a specific question you would like answering, we would be happy to hear from you.

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